Cycling Articles

All of the articles below were published in Ultracycling magazine. The articles themselves are not available online, so I have posted scanned images of them. Above each of these images, I have included a heading with the source citation. Click on the citation to download a high resolution copy of the article in PDF format.

From Ultracycling, Summer 2016:

Ultracycling 2016_V25_3 34.jpg

Ultracycling 2016_V25_3 35.jpg

Ultracycling 2016_V25_3 36

From Ultracycling, Winter 2015:

Blunt 24Hour Article_Page_1

Blunt 24Hour Article_Page_2

Blunt 24Hour Article_Page_3


From Ultracycling, Fall 2014:

UltraCycling 2014_V23_4_Page_1

UltraCycling 2014_V23_4_Page_2



From Ultracycling, Summer 2015:


UMCA Summer 2015-Calvins



From Ultracycling, Fall 2015:

UMCA Jays Fall 2015_Page_1.jpgUMCA Jays Fall 2015_Page_2.jpg




From Ultracycling, Spring 2015. Note that this article describes the real-life experiences which inspired my new novel, Full Cycle.

Blunt Tandem - Ultracycling Spring 2015_Page_1

Blunt Tandem - Ultracycling Spring 2015_Page_2