Sunday Twins

We had two more lambs born early Sunday morning, this time to one of the black polled ewes. Both are females. One is a distinctive white-and-black color, but the other looks just like the larger female born last night to Cocoa Puff. (Cocoa Puff’s other lamb was also female, and solid brown, but so much smaller that it’s easy to distinguish.) On top of it, all four of the lambs born so far appear to be polled. We can’t feel even the slightest beginnings of horn buds on any of their heads. There was so much chaos in the sheep pen this morning, including considerable confusion by all four newborn lambs, it wasn’t clear any of the lambs would be able to bond with its mother. We had to take action quickly.

For starters, the 13 year old helped me build a makeshift separating pen in a previously unused portion of the barn. It’s not pretty, but it’s going to get the job done. We moved Cocoa Puff and her twins into it. We gave her some hay and water. Already, she seems more calm, and the lambs are doing a good job nursing. This is really important, because that one lamb is so runty, I’m a little concerned. She needs to get her mother’s full attention.IMG_20160403_111717832

We can’t make another separating pen for the other ewe, but we’re hoping that getting Cocoa Puff out of the way will help. She’s definitely attentive to her lambs. She licked them off all the way, and she’s staying near them. When they bellow for her, she comes. Here they were, this morning, when I first came out:

BelleTwins 3Apr16-2

And here are the two of them, once they’d gotten up on their feet:

BelleTwins 3Apr16

We’ll see how they do today. Hopefully all will be well. If necessary, we may have to swap them out of the new separating area with Cocoa Puff.



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