Springing Forward with the Clothesline

The calendar says Spring is still more than a week away, but the weather forecast here in mid-Michigan is saying Spring’s already here. Sunny, and should get into the low 60s this afternoon. Homeschooled Farm Girl and I are planning to take a long, much-anticipated bicycle ride.

The other way I’m celebrating may sound a little odd: I’m hanging laundry out on the line! Sure, it’s a little more work. And the cost savings for this one load probably don’t amount to a lot. But today, it’s about The Principle of The Thing. It’s sunny enough. It’s warm enough. So, I’m putting that laundry out to take advantage of it.

It’s actually kind of interesting, riding around on a bike out in the country: you notice a lot of houses with clotheslines. Much more so than in suburban housing developments (and don’t get me started on the planned communities which actually ban clotheslines). Having a clothesline is one of those unexpected advantages that we’ve discovered about living on a farm. There’s nothing quite like pulling a line-dried shirt on over your head, and smelling its authentically fresh scent. I haven’t had that experience in months, and am looking forward to getting it back.


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