Welcome to the New Site

Welcome to the new Yeoman Farmer site, hosted here at WordPress. After many years with Blogger, I decided it was time to move to a different platform. WordPress offers a lot of options and features that are simply not available with Blogger. You’ll notice that I’ve added pages for my novels, and for the articles I have published. WordPress also makes it easy to display all the posts of a particular category on a page of their own. Those who are interested in what I write about long distance cycling can easily find those posts, under the menu above. (All posts, including those related to cycling, will continue to display on the main page.)Jefferson

The blog is about much more than farming. It is a collection of observations about life, as seen through the eyes of a modern American who’s doing his best to emulate Thomas Jefferson’s ideal of the Yeoman Farmer.

I was able to import all of my archived posts from the Blogger site, but the formatting doesn’t always look the same (and photos sometimes have not come through). I apologize that some of the old posts are difficult to read as a result. You can always go back to the original Yeoman Farmer site, if you’d like to read anything in all its original glory.


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