Lambs in Full Force (Updated)

It was chilly this morning, but beautiful and sunny. Great morning to go out to the barn and discover that TWO ewes had delivered a total of FOUR lambs overnight, and all were healthy.

Licorice’s lambs were driest, so she apparently had delivered her two males first:

Maybelle, who is usually the first ewe to deliver, slipped to third place this year with this beautiful boy and girl:

Will be interesting to see if we get any more born today. At least one more of the ewes is looking enormous and ready to go any time.
BTW, as an aside, Puddles the Goat Kid has now made a complete transition to the barn. She’s been sleeping there every night, and hasn’t been inside my office in a few days. She even seems to be playing well with the other goat kids. Simply unbelievable the progress she’s made; this is by far one of the most rewarding parts of raising livestock.

UPDATE: Later in the day, the parentage of the lambs became more clear. It turns out that Licorice had in fact had triplets, and Maybelle had a singleton. With the chaos in the sheep area, one of Licorice’s triplets was following Maybelle around. But in the afternoon, they’d sorted themselves out correctly.

This is the first time in her nine lambings that Maybelle has not twinned. It’s also the first time she’s delivered in April rather than March. As Homeschooled Farm Girl pointed out, “She is getting old, Daddy.” For the record: this is Licorice’s sixth lambing, and her third set of triplets.

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