Hanging in Here

Sorry for the slow posting of late; we are here, but buried under the summer’s work on the farm. Add to it a slew of professional work (my business is opinion research, particularly political, which spikes during the summer and fall months of even-numbered years), and it’s been hard to come up for air.

For those who are curious, Tabasco continues to hang in there as well. We got a refill on her medications; I think the vet was a little surprised to hear she stabilized, but gave us a month’s worth of pills for her. We’ve kept on spoiling her rotten, letting her have first crack at the best dinner scraps. She’s been acting very old and slow, but content and not in a lot of pain. So…for the time being we’re going to keep appreciating every extra day we get to have her in our lives, even as we prepare ourselves for the day when it’s clear we won’t be able to let her keep going on.

My goal for the weekend is to butcher the six remaining Pekin ducks. Or maybe fewer, if Homeschooled Farm Girl prevails and convinces me to keep a one or two of the females.

“Why do you want us to keep one?” I asked her.

“Because I like them,” she replied.

When you’re a Daddy’s Girl, that’s usually enough to prevail.

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