Mother and Goat Kid Reunion

After the frustration of last night’s disappearance of a young goat kid, we are celebrating this evening! All of the searching yesterday yielded nothing, and we figured he must’ve been picked off by a fox. We closed up the barn, and hoped for the best.

Our hopes were even dimmer this morning, when he failed to wander home overnight. The Yeoman Farm Children made the best of the situation by milking the mother goat, Button, all the way out. And we did get quite a bit of milk, even if it was bittersweet.

Then, imagine our surprise — and joy — when we returned today from Mass and an afternoon visiting friends to discover…he’d returned! We’re not sure what high weeds he spent the night under, or how he found Button, or when. But it was clear he had: her teats were empty, and he seemed none the worse for the experience.

We immediately escorted both of them to the barn, where they can have some one-on-one time…and we can be sure he won’t get lost again before tonight’s sunset.

Thanks very much to all of you who offered prayers for his safe return.

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