We had a goat kid born about a week or two ago, and he’d been doing fine. Kept up with the rest of the herd, and was thriving. Then suddenly, tonight, when the herd came back in from pasture for milking…there was no sign of the kid. I’d seen him earlier this afternoon; he’d squeezed through a gate and gotten into the sheep pasture, so I’d picked him up and reunited him with his bleating mother goat.

But now…he’s nowhere to be found. I’ve looked all over the sheep pasture. The Yeoman Farm Children took the bleating mother goat (who’s even more anxious than we are) on a full tour of the goat pasture and woods, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes the whole way. No sign of him. No responding bleats. Problem is, the weeds out there are quite high. If he’s bedded down and curled up, he could be ANYWHERE and we’d literally have to step on him before we found him.

The YFCs are now very upset, as can be imagined. But I told them how pleased I am with their heroic efforts trying to find the lost kid. It’s hasn’t helped their spirits much. It doesn’t help that it’s now 8:40pm and they now have two goats to milk all the way out, and dinner’s been pushed back.

If you’re inclined to do so, we would welcome any prayers you might offer tonight. For the goat kid and our own kids. The sun is going down, and with it our chances of finding the goat this evening. I’m inclined to think a marauding fox carried him off; we’ve spotted them in broad daylight around here before. But we’re still holding out hope that he’ll resurface. Alive and well.

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