Waiting is Over!

Yesterday, we were watching and waiting for Bianca to deliver her lambs. We continued keeping a close eye on her, but nothing happened overnight or this morning. Then, I got home this afternoon from running errands and checked for her in the barn. It was a warm day, and most of the flock was inside panting from the heat. But there was no sign of Bianca. A quick scan of the pasture revealed no sign of her, either.

I set off across the pasture and through the swampy area at the far end of it, and climbed the ridge that rises to our property line. Sure enough, in the most sheltered and out-of-the-way place she could find, she’d made her delivery. Two beautiful white lambs! Both had been licked almost completely dry, and seemed healthy. One male, one female. Interestingly, the female is significantly larger than the male. I think the female is going to be a keeper, to replace Nera.

Anyway, the problem was getting Bianca and the two lambs all the way to the barn. I solved it by picking up one lamb in each arm, and setting off along the path that runs the top of the ridge. Bianca followed close behind, sometimes even brushing and bumping into me, bellowing one “Meaaah!” after another. I kept up a running conversation with her as we continued walking. Finally, when we got back to the barn, I set both lambs down and she rushed to “claim” them. I got out of the way, stood back, and watched until I’d seen both of them nurse.

Here are the two of them, running to be with her in the paddock behind the barn:

And the three of them, with Conundrum (another of our mature ewes).
June lambing is on the late side; this is among the latest deliveries we’ve ever had (Bianca holds our record, with an August 4 delivery one year). But it’s nice not having to worry about freezing weather. Hopefully with temps in the 80s today these two new arrivals will be getting off to a strong start.

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