Three For Three!

Yesterday evening, for the third day in a row, we had another set of twin lambs born. The mother ewe is Pachelbelle, daughter of Maybelle. (Long story, but all females in that line have names that end in -belle. It was something Maybelle’s breeder had done, and we agreed to keep the tradition going.)

After some initial confusion yesterday, we cleared things up: both lambs are male. That makes a total of six little ram lambs born in three days. Wow! We’re looking forward to lots of good eating next winter.

3 thoughts on “Three For Three!

  1. Mercy, ya'll are busy these days!

    I like the Pachelbelle..we particularly enjoy classical music around here. 🙂
    I'm really glad that you didn't have to come up with another 'Belle' name, though…I'm sure all of the really easy to come up with ones have been used already. 🙂

    Named that little doe kid yet?



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