Our Alpha rooster, Sardine, (don’t ask…Little Big Brother came up with the name years ago) was sadly deposed from his position in the Pecking Order a few days ago. It may have been something about spring, but another rooster got it in his head that he was going to make a run at the big guy. A couple of days of cockfights ensued, and I assumed that Sardine would prevail.

A couple of other evenings later, however, Sardine was huddled outside the main chicken area. His comb and face were terribly bloodied, but he still had both eyes and was alive. Here’s what the comb looks like today:

Every time I tried putting him back with the other chickens, he ended up back outside…aparently seeking a safe haven. He’s been roosting in another part of the barn ever since. I’m guessing he’s trying to regroup.

Now, he’s been spending his days “out standing in the field.” All by himself, out in the huge sheep pasture. Kind of sad. But he’s still an extremely beautiful rooster…and I wouldn’t write him off just yet.

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