The Gibsonater

Tonight at dinner, I happened to mention something to Mrs Yeoman farmer about an extremely funny comedy piece featuring Mel Gibson. It came out quite some time ago, and we’d both laughed very hard as we’d watched it.

But tonight, when I mentioned the comedy piece, MYF’s reaction was quite different. “I’m sorry,” she said, “but I’ve lost a lot of respect for Mel Gibson lately.”

Before I could reply, Homeschooled Farm Girl piped up and asked, “Why? Is it because he adulterated?”
MYF and I both began laughing, and I was soon laughing harder than when I’d watched the original Gibson piece.
“What?” HFG asked. “Why is that so funny?”

To which I only laughed more.

Finally, Homeschooled Farm Boy told her, matter of factly, “I think he’s just tired.”

Which is true, actually. But it was still that funny.

One thought on “The Gibsonater

  1. YFG is right. We have all lost a lot of respect for Gibson because he adulterated. While the way she said it is very amusing, it is also very, very true. Well said YFG, well said.


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