Yesterday, we received a bill for the medical services which Yeoman Farm Baby received as a newborn in the hospital. As his adoptive parents, we knew we would be responsible for those expenses; fortunately, the total was less than what we’d been bracing ourselves for.

Reading the “patient data” section of the bill, I remarked with amusement that YFB’s original name — given him as a placeholder by the birth mother — was the one used on the bill. Let’s call him “Miller, Ronald J.” for the moment (although that name is a total invention). I commented that it will be nice when the baby is no longer known anywhere as Ronald J. Miller, but only by the name that we have given him.

Mrs Yeoman Farmer then pointed out that the baby, in various documents, is already known by a great many different names:

  • Ronald J. Miller
  • Baby Boy Miller
  • [The names we have given him] [Our last name]
  • Baby Boy [Our last name]
  • Yeoman Farm Baby

To which I remarked, “The kid has so many aliases, you’d think he was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list.”

Mrs. Yeoman Farmer simply lifted the baby so she could make eye contact, smiled, and — addressing him — said, “Yes! You are without a doubt the most wanted baby in the whole world. Aren’t you?”

Yes, indeed. But readers of this blog already knew that.

3 thoughts on “Alias

  1. I am grateful, on your behalf, for the smaller bill. That can be a real terror, over time (my sister and then-BIL paid for two years for my nephew's delivery–not a csect, just a 'regular' delivery). And it wasn't that they were broke, either–both worked, etc.

    Please give that 'most wanted baby' a great big hug from Oklahoma, please. 🙂


  2. Hello to your family from ours!

    Glad to hear the Farm Baby is healthy and happy. We miss having your kids close by to play with. Will be thinking about you as I get ready to make Christmas dinner.

    BTW, your turkey had better tasting leftovers.


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