Wanted. Very Much Wanted

Our family continues to prepare for the adoption of Yeoman Farm Baby; all has continued to go well with his gestation, and our family’s excitement in anticipation of his due date is growing daily.

Naturally, we have been spreading the word among friends and colleagues. In this regard, I recently had an interesting experience — one that Mrs Yeoman Farmer and I both believe should be shared.

I was attending a conference last week with about 25 other Catholic men. In the course of introductions and various conversations, I mentioned that we were preparing to adopt a baby who will be born soon. Everyone responded to this with great joy and congratulations, and many obviously wanted to know more of the details. To this end, one older gentleman asked, “So, did you find a mother who’s having a baby she doesn’t want?”

Careful readers will note that this question actually had two parts. The second part caught me off guard, so I initially focused my reply on the first part. No, I explained, we didn’t find her. She found us. Or, rather, a mutual friend/acquaintance connected her with us. The way everything played out, all of us were utterly convinced that divine providence was behind these events.

The gentleman nodded. And then I turned my attention to the second part of his question: is this a baby that she doesn’t want? To expand on the answer I gave him: NO! In fact, the birth mother very much wants this baby. She loves him with all her heart, as almost all mothers naturally do. She would lay down in front of a train for this baby. She very much wants to raise this baby herself, and to give him all of her love — but, at the same time, she knows she is not in a position to supply what he needs. She loves him so much, she is sacrificing her own desires (“wants”) for the greater good of her child.

I should emphasize that in giving this reply to my questionner, my tone was not at all one of correction; it was rather one of explanation and of sharing insights that we ourselves had been learning in the process.

It is hard to imagine a more complete, or a more selfless, love than what we have observed from our birth mother. She is a mother who very much wants to keep her child, but loves him too much to actually do so. And when our son is old enough to understand, we intend to tell him precisely that.

This is our happy Yeoman Farm Baby, as of a few days ago:

We can hardly wait to meet this very wanted baby and welcome him into our family.

6 thoughts on “Wanted. Very Much Wanted

  1. YFB looks so CUUUTTEEE!!! (insert womanly squeal here) I just love the sweet smile and chubby cheeks.

    We got a shot of one of my twins frowning. I then *knew* which of their sisters he, at least, would look like (dd#2)–supposedly, the boys are identical, but they look different to me! lol

    Congratualtions on the steadily-approaching addition! And thank you so much for the thoughtful answer to that question…so innocently spoken, but still, I am glad you answered it very well.

    God bless!


  2. Well said, Mr. Yeoman. Devin and I feel exactly the same way about our sons and will tell them that when they are ready–their mother loved them but couldn't take care of them, so she entrusted them to us.

    Congratulations on his approaching birth. He is beautiful!


  3. Very well said, Chris.

    Adoption is such a noble and honorable process, truly with all involved having the best interests of the child at heart (wish we could say the same of the educational establishment).

    Congratulations on the impending addition of YFB! And be sure to register him to vote as early as possible.. (here in Chicago, once they're born, you can register them to vote… only once if Republican, two or more times if Democrat, depending on the precinct…)



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