Waterfowl at Work

I recently blogged about how the “chicken tractors” have been helping us get Mrs Yeoman Farmer’s garden ready. As the young birds grow older, they seem to eat more weeds and drop more fertilizer by the day. And as I type this, MYF is out in the garden beginning to till some of the garden beds.

The one pen with 15 ducklings and 9 goslings has been particularly productive. As waterfowl are voracious consumers of grass, we thought it made sense to put them in charge of clearing sod from the brand new beds we want to plow up in the lawn.

After just over one week, moving the pen basically once per day, take a look at what they’ve been able to accomplish:

This is a classic example of sustainable agriculture, and working with nature rather than declaring war on it. And we will enjoy remembering this lesson as we feast on goose all winter long.

One thought on “Waterfowl at Work

  1. Hey, that’s a neat use of the bird tractors. If/when I ever have fowl, I’ll have to remember that trick.

    So, is the plan then to wait for a bit to let the roots die before turning the soil?



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