3 thoughts on “The Meatrix

  1. It’s very clever — my only gripe is the bait-and-switch they pull at the end.

    In syllogism form, it seems to be:

    1. Factory farms are bad.
    2. Therefore, don’t eat any meat.

    This misses a whole category of farming… the very family farms they outline at the beginning!



  2. I didn’t get the “don’t eat meat” message. Just went and re-watched it, and the exact line is “it is you, the consumer, who has the real power. Don’t support the factory farming machine. There’s a world of altermatives. They’ll show you what you can do to escape The Meatrix.”

    I took that to mean, “Find local, small-scale sustainable family farms and buy your meat from them.”


  3. I’ll have to watch it again — that was my impression from memory. Maybe they’ve cleaned it up since then, or perhaps memory fails me.



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