Turkeys Take Two

We still have four turkeys alive from our original batch; they’ve been moved out to a pasture pen in Mrs Yeoman Farmer’s garden. My folks were in town last week, and my father helped me build the pen (we had to leave our old pens behind in Illinois).

The pen is 4′ wide and 8′ long, and is designed to run up and down MYF’s garden beds that are not in use this year. The turkeys will keep the weeds down and drop fertilizer, all the while getting nice supplemental green stuff in their diet. The pen, which is made of 2×4 studs and plywood, cost a total of $55; it could’ve been a lot less if we’d had scrap lumber available.

Meanwhile, back in the brooder in the barn, the twenty new little turkey poults are settling in well. We got the call from the post office this morning at 7:30am, and Homeschooled Farm Boy drove in to town with me to get them. He had a grand time holding the box of peeping poults on his lap as we drove home, and helping me unload them into the brooder.

These little guys look like they had a much smoother trip than the previous batch did, and they’re much more active in getting around for feed and water. Hopefully we’ll end up with lots of nice big turkeys this Thanksgiving.

2 thoughts on “Turkeys Take Two

  1. By way of clarification, because MYF does not want the children’s actual names or photos used on the blog: The eldest child is known alternately as “Homeschooled Farm Boy” (usually when he is the only child in the post), and as “Big Brother” when distinguishing him from other siblings (notably “Forest Puppy,” his younger brother) in the same post.


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