Not Me

By a quirk of their computer system, the Barnes & Noble listing for my novel has links to “More By this Author.” If you click it, you’ll find four murder mysteries authored by, yes, Chris Blunt.

I always thought I had a pretty unusual name…but apparently it’s not that unusual. Anyway, one of the people who read my novel sent a remarkable note. She said she’d liked Passport so much, she’d already clicked through and ordered another of my books. And she asked if I’d written any other books I hadn’t told her about.

Once I figured out what had happened, I explained that some other Chris Blunt had written the books B&N was linking to mine. She was able to cancel her order before it shipped. I contacted B&N about the issue, and they said they are aware that these kinds of errors can happen, but it will take quite some time before they can fix all of those errors.

Must say…her ordering that “other” Chris Blunt’s book was, I believe, one of the sincerest forms of flattery I’ve ever received. Never, ever, could have imagined that happening.

But it does make me want to get off my tail and start writing a second novel.

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