How Did the Human Race Survive without the FDA?

Today’s Chicago Tribune brings an excellent (and balanced) story about raw milk, including a graphic showing where it is legal and where it is illegal. The story is especially helpful because it not only quotes Sally Fallon (of the Weston A. Price Foundation, of which we are members), but also gives us this nugget from the other side:

“Raw milk is inherently dangerous, and it should not be consumed by anyone at any time for any reason,” said John Sheehan, director of the FDA’s Office of Plant and Dairy Foods. “There is absolutely nothing to the claims that it is this magical, mystical elixir that cures all.”

Talk about finally showing their true colors! Kind of makes you question how the human race managed to survive for so many centuries, without the “benefits” of a process that cooks milk to death and primarily exists to allow big dairy companies to efficiently combine milk from various mega-herds — and bar entry to craft dairies who might like to compete by offering a healthy alternative to Big Milk. Thank God for the FDA saving us from such a fate.

Raw milk has been a godsend for our family, and our Saanen dairy goats are among the most valuable animals on the farm. Too bad that in order to get raw milk, you pretty much have to own your own dairy animal.

But for those contemplating a move to the country, and who might be wondering what kind of business to go into: Note that the Illinois raw milk producer quoted in the story gets TWELVE DOLLARS a gallon. With limited supply, prices skyrocket. Dairy is a tough business, because the schedule is so unforgiving: those animals must be milked twice a day, at particular times, and the milk must be handled with great care. It’s no day at the beach, and you don’t get days off. But the potential rewards for niche markets such as raw milk can be substantial.

2 thoughts on “How Did the Human Race Survive without the FDA?

  1. Did that guy used to work at the DEA? Substitute “medical marijuana” for “raw milk”; the statements are identical. JD


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