Dot’s Swan Song?

Dot, our queen leader sheep, is now nine years old. She’s getting around more slowly, but is still definitely in charge of the flock. Last year we were holding out hope that she might “lamb for the cycle,” and deliver quadruplets (after supplying twins, a single, and triplets in the past). This year, we were just happy she delivered at all. Nine years old isn’t over the hill for an Icelandic sheep, but it’s “getting up there.”

Yesterday morning, she had a beautiful little ram lamb she was licking off. As the day went on, she was again proving herself one of the best mother ewes; she’s always been significantly more protective of her brood than other ewes, and quicker to challenge any child or dog that even comes close to one of her lambs. It was a beautiful thing to watch today; I just hope we get to see it again next year.

I apologize for the poor picture quality; this is what a phone-based camera gets you in a poorly-lighted barn. Better photos will follow.

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