4 thoughts on “Building a Religion

  1. Obama yarmulkes!? Where on earth??? I think the song must have been written for the video. It’s too topic specific, I think, to be about anything else. It is all weirdly 1984-Chairman Mao-Casto-Che isn’t it?


  2. The song is by Cake, and even though I heard it before my first thought was that it was written just for Obama. Have you seen this one?< HREF="http://conservativeintelligencer.com/?p=39" REL="nofollow">You and Your Racist Friend<>


  3. TulipGirl –Pretty good video; hadn’t seen it before.I did see Farakahn speak one time, in person, as an undergraduate in Chicago. One of the more frightening (and yet also illuminating) experiences of my life.


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