We Got The House!

Just got word this morning that we won the bidding on the house in MI that we’ve been most interested in. It’s a classic, hundred-year-old farmhouse that’s been totally renovated and updated inside. It has about 700 more square feet than our current house, and sits on 15+ acres (three times our current acreage).

More details will follow, and now it seems there are a thousand things we must do all at the same time. But we are very excited that it looks like we’ll be getting out of Illinois before the worst of winter sets in (our tentative move date is December 1st).

Here is the house:

A key feature is the big red barn. It’s in excellent condition, and will house all of our animals.

And, best of all, the property includes a nice office building for me. And it’s even larger than my current office building.

As I said, more details will follow as we get them.

4 thoughts on “We Got The House!

  1. Laurie –Do your kids have the story book, “The Big Red Barn”? It’s one of our favorites, and one of the reasons we keep referring to this new building as “the big red barn.”


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