Possible Impact

A week ago, I posted about the massive new Planned Parenthood clinic preparing to open in Aurora. Our Bishop called for a day of prayer and penance last Friday, which was the subject of my post.

Interestingly, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that legal action is now looking like it may derail the scheduled opening of that clinic. It is supposed to open on Tuesday — but a hearing is slated for Monday, which may result in a long delay. I wonder how much of this is due to the recent outpouring of prayers and sacrifices across the Joliet diocese:

A letter Wednesday from Aurora said the city would not issue a permanent occupancy permit — even though the city already issued a temporary occupancy certificate — until an investigation is completed into how the clinic was approved for construction.

Gemini Office Development LLC applied for the permits, not revealing until recently that Planned Parenthood would operate the clinic.

Aurora officials want to delay the opening while they investigate whether Gemini fully disclosed the purpose of the clinic during the permitting process.

What I found most chilling about the story is this:

Trombley has said 13 appointments already have been scheduled for Tuesday, the planned opening day of the $7.5 million, 22,000-square-foot medical facility at 3051 E. New York St. on Aurora’s east side. The clinic, one of the group’s largest in the country, will offer reproductive health-care services, including abortions.

Thirteen appointments already. Thirteen babies who have the same date with the same executioner, but who right now are still alive. Let’s all redouble our prayers this weekend that the executioner doesn’t get the opportunity to open his doors.

3 thoughts on “Possible Impact

  1. You do realize that this is a *medical* facility, and not just an abortion clinic? Abortions will only account for a very small percentage of what the clinic does. To my knowledge, the purpose of those appointments is not public knowledge (nor should it be).I understand there are christian sects that are fanatically ‘pro-life,’ but jumping to conclusions blindly helps no one.


  2. Good point about this clinic doing more than just abortions, and I stand corrected: in today’s paper a PP spokesman says no abortions were among the 13 appointments scheduled for Tuesday (the planned opening day). However, but he says that there were abortions scheduled for later in the week.At this point, though, it’s moot: yesterday, a federal judge refused to allow the clinic to open on Tuesday. And from news reports, it looks like it won’t be opening at all this week.


  3. Jason,Well, lets open it as a clinic with no abortions then. I am pretty sure if they removed the abortions from their list of services, then the clinic would somehow find the doors opening pretty quickly.Tim


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