What a Windfall!

I recently posted about the neighbor who invited me over to harvest his grapes. Those grapes are now crushed and combined with mine, and the ferment is well underway. Nothing beats the smell of fermenting grapes bubbling away.

That neighbor has a good friend, Norma, who lives in a nearby residential area — an area with many established apple trees. Today, as I was working in my office, I heard a horn honking in our driveway. I came out, and discovered Norma and her daughter unloading buckets and buckets of windfall apples from the back of a pickup truck! We dumped one bucket for the handful of ducks, chickens and hatchlings still running on the property; I had her drive the rest of them into the pasture. We dumped some for the sheep, and I put several buckets worth into a large stock tank. My plan is to take half a bucket or so of those “stock tank” apples out to the birds in the pasture pens each day, to give them a little more variety in their diet.

The kicker? Norma thanked me for providing a good place to dump the apples. And said her neighbors were equally excited about windfalls being put to such good use. She promised to return soon with more. I think Artistic Girl and I need to get on the tandem and take at least a dozen eggs to Norma and her neighbors.

3 thoughts on “What a Windfall!

  1. AAAAAACK! What are you doing?!?!?!?Anyone who can make a decent batch of wine can make an excellent batch of cider, and windfalls make the best cider. Windfalls have the highest sugar content, and bruises actually increase it. Just cut off any mold, press the juice out and treat it like a batch of wine.


  2. Good suggestion.I have made apple wine before, from apples that are halfway decent. But these particular apples had so many rotten ones, and ones crawling with worms, that I didn’t want to take the time sorting the good from the bad.


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