Take that Dog to Vegas!

Scooter’s lucky streak continues, and I’m now considering taking him with me to Vegas, a la Rain Man.

After going AWOL yesterday morning, chasing us on the bike, there was no sign of him. As evening fell, we whistled and hollered for him. We figured if he was lost in the 80 acre corn field across the street, the noise would help give him some bearings.

But no luck. As I went out to milk the goat, I really got down in the dumps, thinking about how eagerly Scooter would always tag along, to get the few squirts of milk I always put in a bowl for him. I wondered if he was lost, or if he was even still alive.

Came out this morning to do chores, and half-expected to see that he’d found his way back in the night by listening to Tabasco’s barks. But no luck. Tabasco tagged along as I did chores, but it just wasn’t the same without Scooter.

And then, at 8:45, we got a call from our neighbor. A dog matching Scooter’s description had been hanging out at another farm all night, just a quarter mile from where he’d stopped following our bike. Overjoyed, Mrs Yeoman Farmer jumped in the van and sped over to that farm. It took her awhile to get him loaded into the van; once he saw her, he cowered and wouldn’t move. MYF thinks Scooter figured he was “busted, big time.” After considerable prodding and hoisting, he finally came.

So, he’s back. We all gathered around and made a big fuss over him, and he was soon running around the farm doing all the things he usually does. Artistic Girl and I had a long talk about making sure we don’t get too attached to the animals. I’m not sure how much that conversation sunk in, because she really likes Scooter a lot.

As for me, I’m just glad he’s home. I sure missed the way he’d tag along during chores, and help me herd the sheep to fresh pastures. Definitely gotta take him to Vegas. Definitely.

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