My Idea of Recycling

The turkey poults are doing very well in their portable pasture pen. We’ve been moving them daily now, and as soon as they get fresh grass they go crazy snapping it up with their beaks.

We also give them supplemental grain, of course, as meat birds need a higher protein diet than grass can provide.

And, in addition, the turkeys help us do some excellent recycling. Mrs Yeoman Farmer has been harvesting loads of green beans from the garden lately, and has produced quite a few scraps (snapped ends of beans, etc). Add some bread pieces and goat milk to that pan, and you’ve got…something only a turkey could love. But are we ever glad they love it.

2 thoughts on “My Idea of Recycling

  1. I was wondering…. We have kept chickens before and are about to order some again, but we wouldn’t mind having a couple turkeys. I have heard there is some disease that spreads between chickens and turkeys and that you have to be real careful about contamination between the two birds. Have you had any problems and how careful are you in going from one pen to the next? Thanks


  2. I have read the same thing, but we’ve been simply unable to maintain strict separation of turkeys from other birds. While we have lost turkey poults in the brooder, I chalk that up more to bad heating than to disease. We’ve raised turkeys for many years on the same ground as chickens and ducks have roamed, and have never had disease problems. Don’t let that scare you off.I would advise you buy a few extra turkey poults, though, simply because young turkeys tend to die. If you want two, don’t buy fewer than five hatchlings.


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