What Goats Can Do

I recently posted about an effort in the South to use teams of goats to clear out-of-control kudzu vines.

Taking some inspiration from that story, we’ve turned our goat kids loose in an area which had been serving as Mrs Yeoman Farmer’s herb garden. It’s since become totally overgrown with weeds, and the fence surrounding it has vines (not exactly kudzu, but close enough) crawling all over it.

As we’ve been trying to wean the goat kids (and are now milking their mother twice a day, getting two quarts of milk total), this is a win-win situation. We have a place to park them, they have plenty to eat, and we’re clearing out some terribly overgrown weeds. Note, in the photo below, that they’ve completely cleaned the vines off the fence. Look at how thick the vines are along the fence at the far right of the photo. That’s how thick the vines were all the way around, before the kids went to work.

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