Stupid Idiot

Icelandic sheep are pretty smart, as sheep go, but even they can — on occasion — do pretty stupid things.

This lamb isn’t going to win any awards for brains:

(Note, in the background, the pastured poultry pen moving up the aisle of the vineyard.)

2 thoughts on “Stupid Idiot

  1. I know how he feels.Do the turkey poults in the pen crop the grass short, like rabbits, or do they completely eat it leaving bare ground?


  2. Depends on how long you leave them on a single spot. Leave the pen in place long enough, and it’ll end up as bare ground (and we do that sometimes, when we’re using a chicken/turkey tractor to clear an area). If you move the pen daily, they cream it and don’t do as much dammage. But since birds peck from the top at weeds/grass, you don’t get a uniform “short cropped” effect like rabbits would produce.


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