Tabasco lives!

The crazy dog dissappeared Monday night, as the blizzard was moving in. We hadn’t seen her since, and had long ago given her up for dead.

Turns out, she’d somehow managed to climb into an old (non-functioning) station wagon that’s parked on the property. I use the car to store empty chicken feed bags. On Monday night, I’d opened that car up to get some bags to burn in the woodstove during the blizzard. Aparently, Tabasco jumped into the car when I had my back turned. I never saw it happen.

Several times over the last few days, I’ve thought I heard her barking. But it sounded far off, and like it could’ve been a neighbor’s dog. And this was usually at night. I chalked it up to my imagination playing tricks.

Then, this afternoon, I happened to be out in the driveway when she did it again. I couldn’t believe my eyes…or ears. I let her out, and she tore all around the property like nothing had happened. She was hungry, and thirsty, and had definitely lost some weight, but was very much alive. I have no idea how she survived for four days in such bitter cold (it was ten below last night). But I’ve long stopped trying to figure this crazy dog out. I’m just glad she’s back.

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